This Masterclass will connect you back to your essence, your strengths and your power.

You may be...

Feeling worried about a lot of different things like your health

Or how to stay calm in the chaos

You may have concerns about money and financial matters

Or maybe it's stress in your relationships and with your family...

In general you may want to feel more calm and confident, with more of a clear idea about how to feel more successful and at ease.

It's important to remember...

that who you are by nature is not anxious or stressed. With all that’s been going on in the world over the last 2 years, your nervous system has had to continually adapt to the situation.

When you’re in an unknown situation over a long period of time, it can take a toll and drain you. This affects your adrenals and creates an imbalance in your nervous system.

This imbalance can be corrected so you can feel calm and clear again, so you can feel present and align with your desires and goals.

In this class I will teach you 

practices and techniques I have learned and used with clients in over 20 years of working with clients to help you feel calm and re-set your nervous system.  

You can do these practices any time and it can help you create a powerful toolbox and self-care routine to help you through challenging times and situations, bringing a sense of ease and release.


This Masterclass will help you

  • Re-connect with your sense of joy and fun!

  • Calm your central nervous system and find ways to ground yourself during times of stress and over-stimulation

  • Learn more tools for your healing journey

  • Release overwhelm and find your center

  • Trust yourself and your instincts more

  • Tap into gratitude and joyful feelings

  • You will receive lifetime access to these materials

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About your Teacher

I'm Maureen Magauran and I'm a leadership coach with an energetic and spiritual approach. 

For the last 20 years I've helped women shift from feeling stressed and anxious  into a much deeper connection with themselves and their strengths so they can step into their  desires and power. I use multiple healing and empowerment modalities such as  IST (the Inner Space Techniques of meditation,) energy work,  work, sexuality training, and embodiment work to help successful women find more peace and ease so you can enjoy their successes and your life.

Testimonials & Praise

“A time for powerful work. Take the time!”

“I realized the importance of taking time for myself, that it’s so important and necessary. It sometimes feels hard to justify it but after learning these practical tools and having the opportunity to try them out, I know this will bring so much to me and my family. Thank you!”

“Maureen has a very unique and playful approach to her work. She combines the best in her traditional field with more fun, "woo-woo" techniques that approach healing in a very different way. Her use of meditative practices, energy work and embodied movement are able to get past our typical mental defenses and result in a sense of internal integrity and wholeness that may not come from the traditional path alone. I highly recommend Maureen's work for those craving a deeper sense of their full, embodied truth and a healing that goes beyond the mind and into the body and soul.” 

“Maureen is so credible and heart-centered. I have worked with her one-on-one for over six months. She has helped me see the sources of my stress and heal my childhood traumas, so I can live with more compassion, joy and ease. Maureen lovingly holds space for my personal transformation-supporting me and guiding me when things get messy, and celebrating with me when I feel triumphant. I highly endorse Maureen’s work!”

“A safe and reflective space to explore concepts and personal ideas about yourself and what feels good, while stretching beyond perceived limits.”

“If you are looking to create a life that is less filled with days of being overly stressed, burnt out, and lost, this is where it starts!”

“I felt supported and encouraged as I immersed myself in activities I love and things that were challenging. The group discussions and sharings were inspiring. Thank you!”

“I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and stressed. I felt off and didn’t really know how to manage it. I feel super grateful for investing the time and money to work with Maureen. She helps me be less judgmental of what comes up emotionally and with my desires. It just feels like a safe space to access and speak my truth. Maureen is trustworthy, grounded, intuitive and she does powerful work.”

As Seen In:

I'm so excited to have you join us! 

You'll learn a step by step process to feel re-balanced when you feel off, triggered or out of alignment. You'll be able to see where things may have gone off and how you can course correct going forward  so you feel grounded, more calm and more deeply connected to your intuition.

Congratulations on taking this step for yourself!

Take a deep breath in and get excited for all you're about to learn!  

I can't wait to share this information with you!

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