It's easy to live in your head and move quickly from task to task...

But you're done with rushing and ready for something more...

The real magic is found when you can slow down, get grounded and release.

It's time to...

Pause & connect as a community

Live into your life's intention

Tap into your deepest wisdom

& Live as an embodied woman.

I'll guide you beyond your mind and into your body so you can experience a shift in real time.

What past participants have to say...

“Maureen's Rituals for Release Masterclass was so informative and expansive. Maureen provides such a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Through her guidance she allows whoever she works with to truly tune into themselves. Maureen combines her great knowledge of energy work with a kind and comforting atmosphere to create healing and expansion.”

Kristen Curtis

“I loved the ease and joyful flow of the class. The complicated topic of energy centers (chakras) was presented in a graceful and masterful manner and the experiential part was really fun. Dr. Maureen encouraged everyone to share their feedback in a chat from time to time and it was great to feel other people and share this beautiful experience with them. The atmosphere Maureen created was warm, alive, nourishing and conducive to experiencing the cleansing and energizing flow of our energy. ”

Natalia Kaylin

“Maureen has a very unique and playful approach to her work. She combines the best in her traditional field with more fun techniques that approach healing in a very different way. Her use of meditative practices, energy work and embodied movement are able to get past our typical mental defenses and result in a sense of internal integrity and wholeness that may not come from the traditional path alone. I highly recommend Maureen's work for those craving a deeper sense of their full, embodied truth and a healing that goes beyond the mind and into the body and soul.”

Elizabeth Caliva

Give yourself permission to surrender & play

Learn essential & powerful tools for accessing your deep inner wisdom