An experiential journey... 

Allowing you to deepen trust in yourself, trust in others and trust that you're supported in life.

Trust is a powerful word and state of being. It's an art and can open you to deeper and deeper layers, allowing you to feel more present, stable, connected open and empowered. 

It involves an embracing of your feminine energy and highlights your relationship to it. 

While the masculine and feminine are both important and they work together brilliantly, we're often taught to focus primarily on the active masculine principles of "doing" which can lead to a near constant sense of busy-ness and depletion. 

The feminine energy is more of a leaning back, letting go and opening to support which may feel more vulnerable and more challenging. It is accessing a certain know from a place of ease.

Through my own challenging experiences of trust and struggle, along with 15 years of studying meditation and feminine energy practices, I've discovered a system, a path, a light that helps you navigate into deeper self trust and trust with others. It brings the power of opening and receiving.

Life feels more full with more intimacy and closeness with yourself first and then with others in relationship. It brings a sense of purpose and meaning shining through to your life.


What you will receive in this class...

In this Masterclass you will be guided through somatic practices to ground you and connect you to your body, followed by a guided visualization and journey of exploring trust in your life, highlighting what is possible for you.

In this sacred practice you will feel into the experience of trust and opening in your own body and experience, opening as much as feels comfortable and right for you, allowing you to let go into a supported space.

Journal prompts will help you inquire deeper. You can continue these practices after the call to continue to nurture your sense of safety and trust in opening to and receiving support.

Your Guide

Hi, I'm Dr. Maureen Magauran. I've worked as a psychiatrist for the last 20 years, using a holistic approach to  empower women to live life more fully and break through to the next level in their lives. My clients improved their health, their relationships, created their own businesses, earned 6 figure careers, and gave TED talks. They are led by a strong sense of their value and what they can do and create in the world.

Welcome, I'm honored to have you here and can't wait to get started!


Allowing you to deepen trust in yourself, trust in others and trust that you're supported in life.